Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i'm fat!!!

OMG! OMG! Cant believe it when i read the numbers on my weighting machine inside my room. it's 53kg already! sucks... within 1 week, my weight increased with 3kg? i think that machine has a problem (or i just assume it does has a prob)
it's surprise me coz i dont think my weight could increase that fast. even before this, it tooks me
2 weeks to increase from 50kg to 55kg.. so it means within this few days i could make it at 55kg?
but i think 53kg is enough. since i look quite tough at 55kg? but now i could feel my cheeks are
getting more chubbier than before. yucks!
thanks to that old man!! (specifically referring to 'him' - you know who)
i think he likes it, but i dont! buwekkkks~

p/s: to 'him', pliz come home soon. else, i'm gonna start my diet!

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