Sunday, August 2, 2009

a nice day :)

Yesterday morning, I received a text msg from kak fashie (my bf's sister), asking if i am available 2morrow.. her mom want me to choose the cloth for our 'hantaran' during engagement day. i also wanna buy the ring at the same day with my bro, so after some talk wif him, we decided to go there in the evening. so i replied to her, "ok, see u tomorrow.."
that night, before i slept, i think a lot; on how it's gonna be for tomorrow. am i supposed to choose my cloth and che man's as well? (they call my bf with that name) or it's just for me?
how could i ever choose a cloth since all these while my mother usually chose for me? wut color
should i choose? material? then the most big question is actually, how it would be, to hang out
with my bf's family to buy things for 'hantaran' without him being tagged a long? gosh, he's far away, so this gonna be my 1st time going out with them without him by my side..
so, today, i woke up early in the morning.. wore a decent dressing (hehe) and straight away shoot to SACC mall in s.alam. i reached there early, round 9.50am. well, we supposedly to meet
round 10am. 5 mins before 10am, i text kak fashie, telling that i was there already. round 10
mins after 10am, they reached SACC. we met up, and walked around the shopping mall while
waiting for the shop to be opened at 1030am.
once it's opened, we dashed in and started to look for a suitable cloth. well, the texture, color,
and design are important (provided i'm quite choosy on picking up things). we tried for china's
silk, nah.. the design wasnt my taste (neither to both of them) the 1st requirement is, i just want plain, without any flowery patterns. then we tried for the 2nd section (i couldnt recall back the material.. maybe i will if my mind serves me well :p) but still... nope..
then the last option was the lace.. so we searched at that section.. then we found 3 nice colors
with their matches! the 1st color was very rare, it's more to light brown, but the lace is a bit darker than brown. even if i asked the worker, she doesnt know the color falls under which category. it's more to light, creamy brown. the second one was blue, a bit dark for the lace, but
when we matched it with the cloth, they became very soft.. a nice match of color as well. then the last one, more to turqoise color, but quite light (but i dont think i like this one!)
ibu (kak fashie's mom) asked me to try out all three, so that we could see which one suits me.
so i tried the turqoise one 1st (since the worker took that one 1st) and as expected.. nahh..
doesn't suits me.. then i tried the second one, the combination of dark n light blue, then it seems to suit me.. ibu and kak fashie also agree.. it looks nice on me.
then finally, i tested the undefined color one.. then suddenly, ibu smiled and said, "nana, u look sweet on that one.." (the conversation was in bahasa, but i translate to english)
then i asked back, "is it..?"
she replied, "try to look at the mirror, with ur face and the cloth with u.. can u see it? u could see
u look sweet with it, don't you?"
i just smiled.. and blushed..
so we decided to take that one.. and i asked the same one for che man's cloth (wihtout the lace).
while the workers packed all the clothes, she creates some coversation with us.

worker: u wanna buy this for marriage is it?
nana: (say nothing.. just smiled at her)
ibu: it's for her engagement..
worker: ooo is it.. so your husband stays somewhere here or oversea?
nana: (err.. husband?)
ibu: (smiling) yes, he stays somewhere nearby..
nana: yup, it's easy if he stays nearby.. long distance is sucks!

i dunno, but that time i was so blushed, even i couldnt answer the questions.. hihi.
i think ibu also could understand me at that time. since we r buying things for engagement, and i
was there, the worker is asking bout her son actually, but she doesnt know that i bought
the clothes with my future fiance's mom. hihihi.

but overall, today was really a nice day!!! :)

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