Wednesday, August 5, 2009


today is my super busy day.. i have to settle a lot of tedious works in the office, since
half of my colleagues r going to kemaman for equipment packing. amir wasn't in the
office this morning, i dunno where the hell he goes, so i have to do all by my own. he came in the office during lunch time. i tagged him a long, with khai to search for
some other stuff for the becoming job. we went to mid valley for lunch (their lunch, seems
i'm fasting; up to this moment). on our way to mcd (since that's the lunch destination), khai
asked me to join them for movie tonight. i asked him.. wut time? then he said.. around 11pm.
i answered, oh no, that's too late for me.. he replied, come on.. it's not that late la.. i said, it's
for me now.. amir was there and he also understood. so i guess he will never gonna ask me
for a movie la.. but i think it's ok if the show starts early.. right?
then, after they had their lunch, we dropped by at MPH since i wanna buy a magazine. after searching for bout 15 mins, i still couldnt find it. khai came right after me, asking for wut kinda
magazine that i'm searching for. then i said, nothing, nevermind, i'll find it myself. he replied,
let me help u then. then with my cheeks start to blush, i answered, pengantin.. he said, ok..
then after few moments he found it.. thanks to him. but seriously i'm a little bit shy to buy
dat kinda magazine in front of them.. i think coz i never did before!
and on my way to the office back, i was so excited reading stuff inside the magazine..
will continue reading it at home.. (now it's time to work)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i'm fat!!!

OMG! OMG! Cant believe it when i read the numbers on my weighting machine inside my room. it's 53kg already! sucks... within 1 week, my weight increased with 3kg? i think that machine has a problem (or i just assume it does has a prob)
it's surprise me coz i dont think my weight could increase that fast. even before this, it tooks me
2 weeks to increase from 50kg to 55kg.. so it means within this few days i could make it at 55kg?
but i think 53kg is enough. since i look quite tough at 55kg? but now i could feel my cheeks are
getting more chubbier than before. yucks!
thanks to that old man!! (specifically referring to 'him' - you know who)
i think he likes it, but i dont! buwekkkks~

p/s: to 'him', pliz come home soon. else, i'm gonna start my diet!

Monday, August 3, 2009

the ring

i was so exhausted last nite, even dont have the last sweat to write out for my blog.
this is just the continuity of my yesterday's activity. where i have to search for few
jewellery shops to buy the ring for my future fiance. i tagged a long my bro, jep, since it's easier
for me to decide which and which ring to buy. yah, since i dont have any experience buying
ring for a guy before..
it's a long journey of a ring searching for us tho. no wonder, since my bf has some kinda
criteria to buy his ring; simple, no stone etc (fussy, isn't he? :p) we went for 5 different jewellery shops in 4 different places.. and at the 5th spot, we found one. thank god!
and it's really2 a nice one, and i know he will definitely love it! (well, if he dont, then i'm gonna
punch his head!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a nice day :)

Yesterday morning, I received a text msg from kak fashie (my bf's sister), asking if i am available 2morrow.. her mom want me to choose the cloth for our 'hantaran' during engagement day. i also wanna buy the ring at the same day with my bro, so after some talk wif him, we decided to go there in the evening. so i replied to her, "ok, see u tomorrow.."
that night, before i slept, i think a lot; on how it's gonna be for tomorrow. am i supposed to choose my cloth and che man's as well? (they call my bf with that name) or it's just for me?
how could i ever choose a cloth since all these while my mother usually chose for me? wut color
should i choose? material? then the most big question is actually, how it would be, to hang out
with my bf's family to buy things for 'hantaran' without him being tagged a long? gosh, he's far away, so this gonna be my 1st time going out with them without him by my side..
so, today, i woke up early in the morning.. wore a decent dressing (hehe) and straight away shoot to SACC mall in s.alam. i reached there early, round 9.50am. well, we supposedly to meet
round 10am. 5 mins before 10am, i text kak fashie, telling that i was there already. round 10
mins after 10am, they reached SACC. we met up, and walked around the shopping mall while
waiting for the shop to be opened at 1030am.
once it's opened, we dashed in and started to look for a suitable cloth. well, the texture, color,
and design are important (provided i'm quite choosy on picking up things). we tried for china's
silk, nah.. the design wasnt my taste (neither to both of them) the 1st requirement is, i just want plain, without any flowery patterns. then we tried for the 2nd section (i couldnt recall back the material.. maybe i will if my mind serves me well :p) but still... nope..
then the last option was the lace.. so we searched at that section.. then we found 3 nice colors
with their matches! the 1st color was very rare, it's more to light brown, but the lace is a bit darker than brown. even if i asked the worker, she doesnt know the color falls under which category. it's more to light, creamy brown. the second one was blue, a bit dark for the lace, but
when we matched it with the cloth, they became very soft.. a nice match of color as well. then the last one, more to turqoise color, but quite light (but i dont think i like this one!)
ibu (kak fashie's mom) asked me to try out all three, so that we could see which one suits me.
so i tried the turqoise one 1st (since the worker took that one 1st) and as expected.. nahh..
doesn't suits me.. then i tried the second one, the combination of dark n light blue, then it seems to suit me.. ibu and kak fashie also agree.. it looks nice on me.
then finally, i tested the undefined color one.. then suddenly, ibu smiled and said, "nana, u look sweet on that one.." (the conversation was in bahasa, but i translate to english)
then i asked back, "is it..?"
she replied, "try to look at the mirror, with ur face and the cloth with u.. can u see it? u could see
u look sweet with it, don't you?"
i just smiled.. and blushed..
so we decided to take that one.. and i asked the same one for che man's cloth (wihtout the lace).
while the workers packed all the clothes, she creates some coversation with us.

worker: u wanna buy this for marriage is it?
nana: (say nothing.. just smiled at her)
ibu: it's for her engagement..
worker: ooo is it.. so your husband stays somewhere here or oversea?
nana: (err.. husband?)
ibu: (smiling) yes, he stays somewhere nearby..
nana: yup, it's easy if he stays nearby.. long distance is sucks!

i dunno, but that time i was so blushed, even i couldnt answer the questions.. hihi.
i think ibu also could understand me at that time. since we r buying things for engagement, and i
was there, the worker is asking bout her son actually, but she doesnt know that i bought
the clothes with my future fiance's mom. hihihi.

but overall, today was really a nice day!!! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

eminem vs mariah

i was at home, browsing you tube while waiting for my parents to come home. search for some new music vids (wut else) to break up the thin air. then i opened mariah's new vid, obsessed; just wanna check out her recent vid clip if it's available. i scrolled down to read the comments, and surprised when the users mentioned bout the song was meant for eminem (coz of their dating issues last2 time). since mariah still deny the fact that they were dating last time. well, just to get to know more, after some searching (heheh) well finally, the obsessed song was really meant for eminem, as a counter for eminem's song, title: bagpipes from baghdad. the song is so lenghty, so i will just paste some parts of it:


Locked in Mariah's wine cellar all I had for lunch
Was red wine, more red wine and captain crunch
Red wine for breakfast and for brunch
And to soak it up an in-between snack crackers to munch
Mariah what ever happened to us?
Why did we have to break up?
All I asked for was a glass of punch
You see I never really asked for much I can't imagine what's
Goin through your mind after such
A nasty break-up with that Latin hunk
Louis Miguel, Nick Cannon better back the fuck up
I'm not playin’ I want her back you punk
This is Hello Kitty bedspread satin funk
Mixed with Egyptian with the little rappin punk
Zappin Eric Clapton Shaq brings out da crunk
And yeah baby, I want another crack at ya
You can beat me with any spatula that you want
I mean I really want ya bad ya cunt Nick you had your fun
I've come to kick ya in your sack of junk
Man I could use a fresh batch of blood
So prepare your vernacular for Dracular acupuncture


wow.. eminem is being too direct, huh? even that time mariah still dating with nick cannon. then
there's come the obsessed song, by mariah. here are some of the parts..


All up in the blogs
Say we met at the bar
When I don’t even know who you are
Say we up in your houseSayin’
I’m up in your car
But you in LA but I’m out at Jermaine’s
I’m up in the A-
you’re so so lameand no on here even mentions your name
It must be the weed,
it must be the Ecuz you be poppin, hood, you get it poppin’

Ooh boy why you so obsessed with me?
Boy I want to know-
lyin’ that you’re sexin me
when everybody knows
it’s clear that you’re upset with me
Ohh finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth- still couldn’t get this

then, recently, on July 09, Eminem just released a song.. and i think i wanna put the whole lyrics here. after that obsessed song, Eminem wrote this song to mariah. judge it urself then! ehehe.


Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me
Now I’m pissed off
Sit back and relax homey, kick back and relax, grab a six pack while I kick facts
Yeah Dre’s sick track, perfect way to get back
Wanna hear something wick wack?
I got the exact same tat that’s on Nick’s back
I’m obsessed nowOh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee
Wow Mariah, I didn’t expect her to go balls out
Bitch, shut the fuck up before I put all them phone calls out you made to my house
when you was wild n out before Nick
When you was on my dick and give you somethin to smile about
How many times you fly to my house? Still trying to count
Better shut your lying mouth if you don’t want
Nick finding out You probably think cuz it’s been so long if i had something on you I woulda did it by now
On the contrary, Mary Poppins,
I’m mixing our studio session down and sending it to mastering to make it loud
Enough dirt on you to murder you
This is what the fuck I do Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?
However you prefer to do and goes for you too, Nick, faggot
You think I’m scared of you?You gonna ruin my career you better get one
Like I’ma sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cunt who made me put up with her psycho ass over 6 months and only spread her legs to let me hit once
Yeah, what you gonna say? I’m lucky?
Tell the public that I was so ugly that you fucking had to be drunk to fuck me?Second base? What the fuck you tell Nick, punk?

In the second week we was dry humping.
It’s gotta count for something.
Listen, girly. Surely you don’t want me to talk about how I nutted early cos ejaculated early and bus all over your belly,
and you almost started hurling and said I was gross, go get a towel you’re stomachs curling.
Or maybe you do.But if I’m embarrassing me, I’m embarrassing you
and don’t you dare say it isn’t true.
As long as the song’s getting airplay I’m dissing you.
I’m a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued.
I was gonna stop at 16. This is 32. This is 34 bars.
We ain’t even a third of the way through.Damn, Slim. Mariah played you. Mariah who?
Oh did I say ”whore”, Nick? I meant a liar too.
Like I’ve been goin off on you all this time for no reason.
Girl you out ya alcholic mind. Check ya wine cellar.
Look at all the amounts of wine.
Like I sit around and think about you all the time.
I just think this is funny when I pounce you on a rhyme.
But it now i’m about to draw the line.
And for you to cross it that’s a mountain that I doubt you wanna climb.
I can describe areas of your house that you wouldn’t find on an episode of Cribs
A blubba load ribs if I hear another word so don’t go opening your jibs cos every time you do it’s just another load of fibs
I ain’t saying this shit again, ho. You know what it is.
It’s a warning shot for before I blow up ya whole spot
Call my bluff and I’ll release every fucking thing I gotIncluding the voicemails right before you flipped your top
When me and Luis were tryin’ to stick two CD’s in the same spot(Slim Shady I love you)
I love you too Let me whisper sweet nothings into your ear, boo.
Now what you say?(It’s nothing)Guess what I’ll do?
I’ll refresh your memory when you said ”I want you”

Now should I keep going or should we call truce?(You think you’re cute, right? Hahaha)
You bet your sweet ass I do(I’m Mary Poppins, b)And I’m Superman,
mmm(Mary P. Slim Shady)Comin’ at youSo if you’ll still be my (babygirl)
Then I’ll still be your (Superhero, Wilma M.)Yeah, I’m right here(You like this)Nope.
Not anymore, Dear.It cuts like a (knife) when I tell ya get a (life)
But I’m movin on with mineNick, is that your (wife)
Well tell her to shut her mouth then I’ll leave her alone
If she don’t (sing this script?) then I’ma just keep goin(I see Mary Ann. Mary Ann’s saying ”cut the tape, cut the tape”. Knife!)


wow.. i just wonder how does it feels to confess every single little secret in front of the public?

i love kitty!!

today, in the office, one of my colleague brought her kitty to the office (illegally)
she puts him inside one of the boss's empty room. so me and Joe (my other colleague) went
upstairs to play with the kitty..
once we entered the room, my eyes stunned looking at that very adorable cutie little creature..
he is absolutely so adorable that I want to hug and play with him instantaneously.
I asked my colleague, where did u got this kitty? then she said, during the exhibition, few weeks
back, in mid valley. oh gosh.. he's only 2 months, but he looks quite big for his age. the funniest thing bout him was, he couldn't see any opened door; he will immediately ran away and let ppl to chase after. so cheeky right? suits his name, Cheeky..
but after that half an hour session in the room, my nose started to feel itchy. so i gave one last
hug to Cheeky.. then went back to downstairs.
huhh.. wish i could have a nice little kitty like that.. but i don't think my mom would let me.
same as my colleague; she has to leave Cheeky inside the bathroom if she's out from her house.
provided her mom was just like mine! ehehhe.
bye2 Cheeky.. see u next time!

Friday, July 31, 2009

am i born to be like this?

question for each blog's title. well, it's just some kind of dilemma inside me. i just want to sort
things out.. yeah, it's actually about myself. i thot i had changed a lot compared to my uni time.
I know I wouldn't change my interest (futsal, sports, vid games, music etc) all these were my true
love, so I would never abandon em. as long as my partner is ok with it, then I don't think
there's a prob. my main concern is my personal character. let say the general characters, like
talkative, funny, or friendly.. yeah it's acceptable by everyone. but the boyish thing.. it's still
here, inside me.
ok, before I joined my current company, I was in a banking sector. doing recruitment (HR ppl laa)
I felt that overall, I really changed a lot, matured and start to be very girly.. wear make up, shade beverly hills, MNG, all the brands i guess? with some heels, changed alternately every week. I thot I considered myself a 'woman' already. hehehe.
but once I changed my job, all the girly things slowly vanished.. like a shadow that falls after a moonlight. maybe it suits me as engineer is not the same as HR ppl. I still wear formal in the
office, still have make up with me. but all my previous boyish characters came back. maybe
coz I mix around with the boys back (like my old days). but I dun wanna listen to all the things
back (that I'm a half man etc).. but i did!! oh god.. help me.. am I born to be like this? I want to
be a normal girl.. at least for my character since all my interest are very contradicts with normal
girls. but please... is there anyone out there could teach me how to be a normal girl??

Thursday, July 30, 2009

offshore or not?

it took me ages to think bout this issue; am I supposed to go offshore or not?
the thing is, it's actually my real dream. since I was in my uni time, I really looking
forward for this oil and gas thingy. for me, there's nothing much more interesting than it!
(adventurous + money!) it's freaking cool and working at the platforms/vessels are
the career dreams for most of the guys, n some girls, like myself. well, just to save some
money then after few years, search for some potential market for business, run it.. and soon
after the income was stable, then just quit and concentrate of the business! at that moment
I don't really care bout other issues that might arise (like marriage etc.) since I'm boyish
and marriage is the last thing I would ever think on earth. (haha!)
but hey, now I am in oil and gas industries. currently doing the job that is supposedly
going to send me to the offshore sooner or later. I was so glad that I was standing here, right now
and always ready for any offshore works :)
and the journey begin early of this year. i enjoyed working, frenz, sports, games and a little bit of party here and there. until one day, early of march i had to attend a meeting. and to cut short
the story, yup i met my boyfriend during the meeting.
at early stage of our relationship, there was no issue about all this offshore things. after
we get to know of each other.. both of us were really serious about each other, and decided to
get married. I was so happy that i met my soulmate (and he really does).
and then there it goes.. issues started to arise one by one. other experienced offshore ppls
advised me not to go, for the sake of my love one. well, my boyfriend is working offshore currently as well. but there's not chickies or any other hot2 girls on the vessels. only guys, so
it's easy for him. if there is, then she would not be as hot as we could find here (obviously) but for me it's different. since i'm going to stay in the vessel, that was full with all
the guys. well, i know I'm not that hot or ever included in the chickies, but still coz i might be
the only girl, or few of the girls, then it would be an attraction for the guys. now, i could promiz
to myself that i would never influenced or have a potential to flirt with the guys. i know myself,
since i was surrounded with guys since kids (coz i play football, vid games n stuff wif them)
but i could never imagine how it would be when i hv to face the situation one day. just try to
imagine.. it's hard since we are stuck in the same vessel with the guys for 1-2 months.
i heard some stories, that my bf told me, bout a fiancée of someone also broke up when she
works offshore. too many guys or too many better choices i guess?
and after a while, my boyfriend finally confess to me that he also not prefer if i work offshore.
i agree with him.. since i know, it's easy to say now, but when we face it, it's not the same
as what we think. I try to avoid any potential for break up or wut so ever thing. coz i really
want it to happen; our marriage.
so, back to my dream, I would rather sacrifice it than loosing my beloved one. I could have both,
but it's a tough gamble. I decided to choose him.
the only concern right now is, I'm still in this company, so i have to standby. I try my best to find
job in other industries. the question is, offshore or not? the answer is no
for me, but how to avoid it at this moment? phew~

p/s: to Azman Abdul Aziz, if u read this blog, just want u to know that I love u so much!