Monday, August 3, 2009

the ring

i was so exhausted last nite, even dont have the last sweat to write out for my blog.
this is just the continuity of my yesterday's activity. where i have to search for few
jewellery shops to buy the ring for my future fiance. i tagged a long my bro, jep, since it's easier
for me to decide which and which ring to buy. yah, since i dont have any experience buying
ring for a guy before..
it's a long journey of a ring searching for us tho. no wonder, since my bf has some kinda
criteria to buy his ring; simple, no stone etc (fussy, isn't he? :p) we went for 5 different jewellery shops in 4 different places.. and at the 5th spot, we found one. thank god!
and it's really2 a nice one, and i know he will definitely love it! (well, if he dont, then i'm gonna
punch his head!)

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