Wednesday, August 5, 2009


today is my super busy day.. i have to settle a lot of tedious works in the office, since
half of my colleagues r going to kemaman for equipment packing. amir wasn't in the
office this morning, i dunno where the hell he goes, so i have to do all by my own. he came in the office during lunch time. i tagged him a long, with khai to search for
some other stuff for the becoming job. we went to mid valley for lunch (their lunch, seems
i'm fasting; up to this moment). on our way to mcd (since that's the lunch destination), khai
asked me to join them for movie tonight. i asked him.. wut time? then he said.. around 11pm.
i answered, oh no, that's too late for me.. he replied, come on.. it's not that late la.. i said, it's
for me now.. amir was there and he also understood. so i guess he will never gonna ask me
for a movie la.. but i think it's ok if the show starts early.. right?
then, after they had their lunch, we dropped by at MPH since i wanna buy a magazine. after searching for bout 15 mins, i still couldnt find it. khai came right after me, asking for wut kinda
magazine that i'm searching for. then i said, nothing, nevermind, i'll find it myself. he replied,
let me help u then. then with my cheeks start to blush, i answered, pengantin.. he said, ok..
then after few moments he found it.. thanks to him. but seriously i'm a little bit shy to buy
dat kinda magazine in front of them.. i think coz i never did before!
and on my way to the office back, i was so excited reading stuff inside the magazine..
will continue reading it at home.. (now it's time to work)

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