Saturday, August 1, 2009

i love kitty!!

today, in the office, one of my colleague brought her kitty to the office (illegally)
she puts him inside one of the boss's empty room. so me and Joe (my other colleague) went
upstairs to play with the kitty..
once we entered the room, my eyes stunned looking at that very adorable cutie little creature..
he is absolutely so adorable that I want to hug and play with him instantaneously.
I asked my colleague, where did u got this kitty? then she said, during the exhibition, few weeks
back, in mid valley. oh gosh.. he's only 2 months, but he looks quite big for his age. the funniest thing bout him was, he couldn't see any opened door; he will immediately ran away and let ppl to chase after. so cheeky right? suits his name, Cheeky..
but after that half an hour session in the room, my nose started to feel itchy. so i gave one last
hug to Cheeky.. then went back to downstairs.
huhh.. wish i could have a nice little kitty like that.. but i don't think my mom would let me.
same as my colleague; she has to leave Cheeky inside the bathroom if she's out from her house.
provided her mom was just like mine! ehehhe.
bye2 Cheeky.. see u next time!

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